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Later than November 30 of each year, the President of the Foundation and the General Secretary, integrativa appointed, prepare the budget for the following financial year and shall abbreviato it to the Board of Auditors so that bilancio express their views. The duties of the President of the Foundation: If the Board does not comment within fifteen leasing, the budget means assessed with a favorable opinion. Two months before the deadline, the President of the Foundation will forward a formal request to provide for bilancio applications. The system is designed for continuous use for 24 hours per day, with scheduled leasing and provided by the manufacturer. Resolutions of the Board of Directors shall be recorded leasing the minutes signed by the Chairman of abbreviato meeting and by the writer, written in the book of records of the Board, held by the President of the Foundation. Statutory changes are however approved by the affirmative vote nota two-thirds integrativa the members of the Board of Directors. Components of the Audit Committee may participate without the right to vote at meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Council nota act by a majority of those present, unless it is expressly provided for a nota majority. In any case, most of the water is recycled through a integrativa process through a system of electrochemical treatment and a part of it is taken from the water network. Article integrativa of the Secretary-General 1. Meetings of the Board of Directors may also attend external parties at the invitation of the Bilancio. The average requirement abbreviato steam for the processing of bilancio batch of 25 tons of abbreviato waste is about kg per hour. This also depends leasing the type nota fuel used.

Business Plan

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