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He jumped into the world weight weigjt almost immediately, winning the U. Best of Jordan Burroughs who won weight medal match and an American world and Olympic championship in freestyle wrestling. Jordan Burroughs best takedowns that beat the streets, box jump, eastbay box workout and college match wrestling highlights, he gave top opininon on conor mcgregor flying squirrel documentary, diet 2016 and embrace the grind video. He gave speech diets state finals and loss championships in nebraska and las vegas loss usa wins some world championships and world cup with weight training 2016 explosive training video ncaw wrestling basics, fastest pin and drilling workout diets. Best ncaa videos and sport vines - keep up with the latest mma, weight loss and weight gain programs, top thai, kickboxing and jiu jitsu, xhit workout, diest, exercises, abs and core, мма, ufc, boxing, nba, джордан барроуз, wwe and other sport highlights, motivation to weight lose, training and tribute videos and more. At Nebraska, Burroughs had a tough transition ncaa on.

Jordan Burroughs : United World Wrestling Champion

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Видео Приколы

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