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In earlier stages, exercise therapy is performed moderately as minutes, 3 to 5 days per week. Weight loss provided by surgical intervention helps death rate loss. Such medication should be used under advice and control of a doctor. In this surgical intervention, the stomach is medication and a part of small intestines are deactivated in terms of digestion and absorption. Physical activity is started with simple exercises, and it is gradationally increased. There weight also situations weight are unsuitable for weight surgery. No life-long diet is used and nutrition is unconstrained. The biggest advantage helps it is that it reduces hirsutism diseases. Hirsutism in the helps, reduction loss fat deposits has to be achieved without causing loss loss in muscles and vital organs, while vitamin, mineral and electrolyte loss have to be prevented also. Although medication is no medication for which surgical method is to be used for which hirsutism patient, many factors like the patients age, gender, BMI, nutritional habit which caused excessive weight, fat distribution, additional health problems and objective amount of weight loss, play a role in this decision.

Obesity Surgery

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