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Emile Michel Cioran

The speaker smiled, and immediately confounded his German interpreter by beginning his presentation with the words: A few of his critics might agree, but they would be wrong. For Emil Mihai Cioran is very much worthy of inclusion in the line of the great French and European moral philosophers and writers of maxims stretching back to Montaigne, Chamfort, Pascal and La Rochefoucauld Also called the Legionary Movement, it was and is the current most feared by bolshevik communist because it is a spiritual movement of faith, love of nation and self-sacrifice.

Its members fought in the longest anti-communist resistance from Eastern Europe and their indominable spirit could not be broken even after the most inhumane tortures devised by the atheist oppressors. In our day and age there is a web of deception weaved around the history of this movement, many of the active mainstream press outlets condemning it as criminal, antisemitic and extremist, including an inaccurate article written on wikipedia.

Alexandru himself is a writer of the book "Scientifical knowledge and the dusk of the gods" in which he promotes the atheist material dialectic of the communist party. It is worthy to note that the Romanian Academy had stated that the Legionary Movement did not follow the fascist ideology, a fact confirmed much time before, at the Nuremberg Trials, where the Legion was exonerated from its fascism accusation.

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