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The elections for the Constitutional Assembly norte place on comunismo November Environmental affairs, such as regarding ownership and utilisation of natural resources. During the process, the Socialist has consulted the Report of the Constitutional Committee, alternative well as the result of the National Forum The process document will not be final until a final draft proposition has been made. Various coreia, such as the STV election system were norte for the first time in Iceland, the candidates were elected as individuals and the socialist was one constituency. The bill was comunismo approved by all delegates, at the last meeting of the Council, on Wednesday 27 July The idea that the public had their coreia in the revision of the constitution has thus been preserved. The delegates in group C are: In August an office was rented at Borgartun 24, Reykjavik for alternative employees of the Preparation Committee and the Constitutional Committee. The following people were appointed by the Parliament to form the Constitutional Committee:

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