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Rococo architects reduced column size to a minimum. The finest works of this style were characterized by their grandeur of scale; strict geometric organization; simplicity of forms; Greek or Roman detail; dramatic use of columns; particularly to articulate interior spaces and create urban landscapes; and a preference for blank walls and the contrast of formal volumes and textures. There was even a relationship between architectural proportions and the Renaissance pictorial device of perspective. The development of the International Style was reinforced by two events: In the years after the emphasis was on town—planning and housing. Pay attention to the principal forms to establish -ed; -ed устанавливать to hang hung; hung вешать to enrich -ed; -ed обогащать, украшать to scatter -ed; -ed разбрасывать to suppose -ed; -ed предполагать to admit -ed; -ed допускать, впускать to supplement -ed; -ed пополнить to spend spent; spent проводить to pattern -ed; -ed украшать узором to cut cut; cut разрезать to allot -ed; -ed предназначать 4. Initially it was characterized by the use of the classical orders, round arches, and symmetrical composition. Until the s, Germany was the main center of new architecture because of the presence there of another unifying institution, the Bauhaus, a college of design, which became synonymous with modern teaching methods in architecture. This style was known at the time under a variety of rubrics: The Italian Renaissance is assumed to have achieved the highest degree of perfection at that time. Они предназначены для студентов 2 курса по специальности "Архитектура" архитектурно-строительного факультета. In the later phases of Art Nouvean, faзade decoration was accompanied by a powerful treatment of the whole building. It succeeded the Gothic as the style dominant in all of Europe after the mid 16th century into classicism. Notes to the text obstacle - препятствие pearl - жемчуг interpenetration - взаимопроникновение vivid - яркий hidden - скрытый elaborate - тщательно разработанный restrained - сдержанный refinement - утонченность wreaths - венки scrolls - завитки intermingling - переплетение seaweed - морские водоросли ribbons — ленты Similar Features Different features 1 2 3. In matters of architectural style, if became less a question of conflict between period revival and modern design than between buildings designed for effect and those that aimed at the creation of a modern vernacular and a humane and harmonious environment. Roman for justice, Gothic for learning and churches, Byzantine mainly for churches, the Italian Renaissance for palaces and ministries, Greek for government, Venetian for commerce, Oriental for leisure, the Baroque for theatres and opera houses, Romanesque for public architecture. Great skill was expressed in ordering the interior of buildings, frequently using the same motifs as had been traditionally associated with the exterior. Interview your partner as an expert in Baroque and Rococo architecture.

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