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Thirdly, the qualifications, experience eye reputation of the operating surgeon. The number lazy operations you eye out or something else? You have only 15 seconds! Tasty Ramen 6 does назад Watch this once a day, everyday for at least 2 weeks to improve or even get rid of blurry vision. Lasik The cornea is located correct the front of the eye. Lens A transparent structure, the lens lies surgery the iris and the vitreous humor.

Eye Correction Exercises (FIX YOUR BLURRY VISION NATURALLY) Get Rid of Your Glasses (How-To) #2

Anthony Sommer 2 лет назад Newest version: The eye is a very complex and truly amazing organ. It is approximately one inch wide and deep, and 0. Human eyes allow humans to appreciate all the beauty of the world they live in, to read and gain knowledge, and to communicate their thoughts and desires to each other through visual expression and visual arts.

The human eye is wrapped in three layers of tissue: The major structures of the human eye are the sclera, cornea, choroid, ciliary body, iris, pupil, retina, mocula and fovea, optic nerve, optic disc, vitreous humor, aqueous humor, canal of schlemm, lens and conjunctiva. The eye functions on much the same principle as a camera. The cornea has the effect of a glass lens and represents the foremost lens of the camera. When the cornea sees the image of an object, it does the focusing work.

This image is then sent to the pupil that represents the aperture of the camera. This image is focused further by the lens inside the eye that represents the remaining lenses which are incorporated into camera lens. This focused image at this time is upside down. Finally, this reverse image is transmitted to the brain for processing by the retina, which resembles the film inside a camera. Sclera The sclera is the tough, outermost layer of the eye. The white membrane of the sclera maintains the shape of the eye.

Cornea The cornea is located at the front of the eye. The moist and dust-free cornea admits light to the interior of the eye and bends the light rays to that they can be brought to a focus. Choroids The middle layer of the human eye structure, choroids reduce reflection of stray light within the eye. Ciliary Body The ciliary body consists of the ciliary muscle.

When the muscle relaxes, the diameter of the ciliary body increases. By contrast, when the muscle contracts, the diameter of the ciliary body reduces. These changes enable the eye to adjust its focus between far objects and near objects. Iris Formed by the choroid coat, the iris is located in the front of the eye. The iris is pigmented and is responsible for eye color. Pupil Controlled by the automatic nervous system, the pupil is responsible for adjusting to the amount of light.

In dim light the pupil opens wider. In bright light the pupil closes down. Retina The inner layer of the eye, the retina contains the light receptors, the rods and cones. The retina also has many interneurons that process the signals arising in the rods and cones before passing them back to the brain. Macula and Fovea The macula is located in the back of the eye and in the center of the retina.

Yes, we receive a lot of patients every month from all over the world. We are very well-prepared to receive English-speaking customers. We have an English-language website and information service on call seven days a week and highly qualified English-speaking staff. We also offer the same to patients from the Russian-speaking countries of the former Soviet Union.

We compile an annual list of foreign customers. Last year we had visits from patients from 32 different countries. What, do you think, is the main reason why patients are willing to travel from far and wide to your clinic? Are there no optical clinics in their cities? But your sight is a precious gift and your choice of clinic when undergoing corrective eye surgery must be an informed one. At Hi-Vision you may be certain that we are able to offer unique expertise and guaranteed successful treatment.

What are these services that you say are the best? What should a patient bear in mind when choosing an eye clinic? Firstly, what method or technique will be used. Secondly, the type and quality of equipment used in the procedure. Thirdly, the qualifications, experience and reputation of the operating surgeon. Could you tell us something about the types of operations offered at Hi-Vision?

After a procedure can one still engage in sports or travel by aeroplane? Yes, but one should refrain from swimming and contact sports for one month after an operation. But you can run, jump and lift weights on the following day! You can also fly immediately after an operation but we do insist that our patients come in the following day for a check-up. Is there no need to wear bandages or special lenses? No, although that did you used to be the case for the previous generation of vision correction operations.

Thanks to a subsidy from the Chinese government we have managed to purchase the most modern French and German equipment to perform our operations. So the machines do all the work? What advantage does the Chinese doctor have over many of his Western colleagues? Thanks to our large number of patients we at Hi-Vision have accumulated a wealth of experience for a relatively young company. For instance, I have personally carried out 66 thousand successful operations.

How many would that be per day? I have been practising for over twenty years. I even have registered the first patent on performing this kind of operation. I conduct all of the operations at Hi-Vision myself. Sometimes I perform twenty operations per day, sometimes forty or even more during the pre-examination peaks. How do you manage that? We have a finely tuned operating system at our clinic. A whole team of nurses prepares the patient for the operation. The operations themselves are very quick, lasting only several minutes.


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