Positive opk 3 days clomid

You will always be aware of all poditive events, if you use our wonderful search. Next Are you having trouble finding a specific video? I was on Metformin when I conceived all my kids. The egg is only there for anywhere from hours on average. So is that just a "depends on the person" thing? You can test for ovulation that way and it will give you an idea of what days you tend to ovulate each month. The "average" day someone is supposed to ovulate in their cycle is day I have no idea what exact seller I bought the tests in this video from, though. I have never really had too many issues getting pregnant. I would say having sex before and at ovulation ovulatioj your best bet in getting pregnant. Even if it was almost as dark, I would take that as your positive and just be sure to have sex during that time, just in case! The cheapie tests can be confusing to figure out at first! I miss making videos! However, you can find here not only various news from around the world. Cycles tend to be different in length each month for most women, but some women have the same length cycle each month. Stephanie Young 1 год назад Thank u. Maybe you need to try a different brand?

Opk's True positive or False positive

The egg is only there for anywhere from hours on average. So you either have to have the sperm waiting there and alive or sperm heading there while the egg is still there. Some sperm get there in a few hours and slower sperm can even take a couple days to get there! You want to have sex often, because that way you have a higher chance of catching the egg, and it also keeps sperm healthy the newer produced sperm is best for getting pregnant.

Your cervical mucus could also be an issue. Drinking lots of water mid-cycle also helps your mucus. It can increase the amount you have. So make sure you are getting enough fluids! Also taking a prenatal vitamin NOW before you get pregnant can help as well. It keeps the sperm nice and healthy. Crossing my fingers to hear you got a positive!! It just needs to be AS dark or darker. Even if it was almost as dark, I would take that as your positive and just be sure to have sex during that time, just in case!

It can be easy to miss ovulation, so any line that you take as a "possible" positive, you just want to have sex in case it is your positive. Like I said, it can be really easy to miss! The LH surge does happen pretty quickly with ovulation. It goes up and comes back down, and the egg is usually being released when it comes back down. I feel like I would not have gotten pregnant with my daughter or son without the help of them.

Good luck, hoping to hear good news from you soon! I have never really had too many issues getting pregnant. My issue has always been staying pregnant or having complications in the first trimester Ctaylo23 2 года назад Hi! I have been trying for a year to no avail and bought my first OPK to try this month, it states that you should not have urinated for at least 4 hours before taking the test and you mentioned that you would test around 5pm so I wondered if 1pm you literally withheld going to the bathroom so as to make sure you were getting an accurate result or if you sort of bypassed this rule of thumb?

Also, you mentioned testing sometimes twice per day, in those instances would you test earlier than 5 and then later into the evening? Congrats on the family! Thanks for watching, and asking. When TTC, I tested 3 times a day: So I guess it comes down to, yes, there was about 4 hours between each time I tested. I really got most of my positive results between 5 and 9 PM, hardly before those times.

Some days when being lazy I would test 2x a day, and would test around 2 PM or so, and then in the evening, between PM. Actually, one time, I had a negative almost positive result in the late afternoon and then a deep positive at 8 PM. That just goes to show you how easy it can be to miss your surge! Thank you on the congrats!

Hope you conceive ASAP! Vanessa Jac 2 года назад Hi Amy! Do you happen to have a photo of that Positive OPK?? Because I couldnt see it very good. I never got pregnant, not even had a natural period ever: Yes, I would love to take a look at your opks the day you ovulated and conceived! It would be helpfull.. Just email me at amyncharlieyt yahoo.

Maybe you need to try a different brand? Tsh Fale 3 года назад Hi, I know these videos are a couple years old. But wanted to know if you could put a link to the ebay seller you buy from please? I still make new videos: I have no idea what exact seller I bought the tests in this video from, though. I always just buy from whoever. They all work the same. But the very last seller I bought from in July, was hi-tech-lightman, and it was a 40 pack. You can really purchase from any seller, though.

MorbidBabe 3 года назад Mine always come out negative and some people tell me not to use OPK bc they said since I have pcos, it would never be accurate, I have been taking metformin for almost 2 weeks now and my period started with bright red spotting then stopped and started again and now its stopped and spotting again. There have been a few legitimate trial studies on it using real women.

You can Google it.. It might even be better to test around 3 PM and again around 7 or 8 PM just in case your peak is earlier in the day. Ashley Gipson 3 года назад I heard that opks dont work with pcos. So is that just a "depends on the person" thing? My only reason for that is because I had all my hormones tested, with all hormones being out of range at what they should be, and my LH being higher than it needed to be which is what the OPKs test for , and I was still getting a positive OPK once a month, or every other month, when I would ovulate.

I myself have had quite a few OPKs in a row that looked almost positive, but not quite. That is totally safe as lube while TTC. My doc even confirmed this for me. Much, much cheaper than Pre seed and much more lubricating. Sasan White 3 года назад If ovarian cyst remains untreated, it can bring on severe health condition. Sasan White 3 года назад The crucial key is to prevent ovarian cyst returning, following this proven technique to overcome ovarian cyst within 12 hours: I bought the answer brand of opks from Walmart to start, but just got my internet cheapie ones today.

The answer brand gives me a negative daily with just 1line control line and thats all. Today i decided to try new test from ebay and that gave me 2 lines i believe the test line was light though so thats considered a neg also. But why on one test i received 2 lines and on the other only 1. Have you experienced that ever?

Can one be more sensitive then the other kind of like some pregnancy test? Only asking you because your last response was very helpful and i trust your opinion. The cheapie tests can be confusing to figure out at first! Sometimes its like every 2months i have a period or it can be gone alot longer then like now i had a period last month and now this month.

In did get pregnant but that ended up being a tubal pregnancy and nothing has happened since. The first day of your cycle starts on the very first day of your period, so you would probably want to start testing like 10 days after the first day your period started. Next Are you having trouble finding a specific video? Then this page will help you find the movie you need. We will easily process your requests and give you all the results.

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Positive opk 3 days clomid

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