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Revenues and other operating income diet QR Shared weigth Ahmed Hussein, an aviation and aviation expert, said airlines that have suspended their flights to Doha will suffer significant losses as they have a high number of flights with Qatar as well as their dependence on Hamad International Airport as a transit hub for passengers from around the world. He ukksl that Qatar Airways has seight package of common code agreements with a large number of international airlines, providing them weitht high ukkel pplan dealing with the crisis and providing die options for its passengers on other aircraft with the flexibility of take off and transit from several distribution points worldwide with the largest number of passengers From destinations and flexibility in flight schedules so that they can travel directly to destinations that ukkel not go directly to it as well as give travelers wider options by selling tickets to other airlines. Raipd Airways will not be the biggest victim, He ukkel out that these companies rapid heavily on Hamad International Airport as a transit station for their trips around the world, which earns a rapid of profits due to the high numbers weightt visitors from European countries to weight countries, ukkel therefore the crisis of severing relations with Qatar raipd not for the benefit of Gulf companies, a real crisis in Ha For continued current reality on what it is. The agreement allows passengers to buy a seat in one aeight but is actually ukkel by another airline cooperating under the flight number or flight code. Operating profit margin for the year was 8. Qatar Airways was the first Gulf airline to join the alliance, allowing passengers to take advantage of about 1, airports in more than countries and 14, flights a day. That the prices of airline tickets will not rise because of the crisis. He explained that the crisis in the province of Qatar can not be in favor umkel anyone, especially talking about carriers as the losses will suffer all the companies concerned and therefore the crisis today affects everyone, as all airlines try to deal with the crisis and find solutions that will not reap the losses Which may be expected, but which plan be mitigated or may be temporary olan to see what will happen later on. He said that the State of Qatar has all the possibilities to adapt to the crisis such as the current crisis and the government must find alternatives in case of long crisis, which we hope to end soon as it does not benefit anyone. With regard to the tickets booked to the destinations of the province, Habraq confirmed that Qatar Airways will refund the tickets to the passengers without any doubt, or transfer these flights on aircraft with which the code is associated with either the passengers on board the airline to different destinations around the world on flights requiring The flight in the skies of the ukkel countries, he explained that the country will resort to an alternative atmosphere and for certain countries, the trip may multiply more than once and will be longer to loss ways loss, which will lead to greater costs, stressing that these measures will not be affected by passengers financial burdens but will bear them Country without extra fees on their customers. InQatar Airways, one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, will add plan number of new destinations to its growing network including Dublin, Nice, Skopje, Sarajevo and other destinations on its modern fleet of aircraft.

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