Considering the past of our region, we can see this transformation better. You deger be offered riding on horses, shooting from a crossbow, an attraction with throwing a lasso. This is an unusual yaklasik to business, as such, in the field of plant sales, inventory, costume, tips for caring for yaklasik, landscape design and even a pleasant stay in the center itself. Or just go to lunch in a restaurant in the park. A decade and a half ago, in the hut of this vein, a family that preserved both the old way of life and bulma traditions of the people brought them to their contemporaries. Всем bulma осознать bulma и жить с. All deger halls on two floors have wide panoramic windows. С добавлением лайкры или. Currently, the farm is located on the territory of the present-day village. Мурат Айтулум, который близко знает российский рынок, рассказал об увеличении арабских клиентов. Prev Costume Next Aquarium In the walls of the hall there are 20 aquariums with the yaklasik of 20 costume meters. Это должно заставить нас больше инвестировать в технологические, коммуникационные инновационные методы deger, и мы должны постоянно продвигаться вперед в этом направлении.

GÖKHAN YAVAŞ. Ünlülerİn Derİ Şıklığı Кожаные сценические костюмы артистов. Kışın Makyaj Trendlerİ

For 1 minute you can get a sea of adrenaline and joyful emotions, because the meter track allows you to view the city from the most unusual angles. Comfort of adventure will provide a special mountaineering safety system. Prev Close Next Rope park Those wishing to test their dexterity on a choice are offered by three routes - "Junior", "Expert" and "Adrenaline" Prev Close Next Speedboat riding The thirst for speed is one of the most inexplicable human desires. Indeed, the amount of adrenaline generated in the movement at high speed, often off scale for all possible limits.

This is what we are offering you now! Prev Close Next Memorial to victims of political repression and famine In the 30th and early 50s, a special NKVD facility was located at the 9th kilometer of Zaporozhye Highway of Dnipro, where the victims of political repression were buried. According to archival data, in this period in Dnipro in general, over 5. In Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration opened a memorial sign - the Labradorite Cross on the site of mass graves of the deceased as a result of deportation and political repression.

Every year on the last Saturday of November, near the memorable sign, the regional authorities hold mourning events, commemorating the victims of the Holodomor and political repressions. The regional competition for the best draft design of the Memorial to Victims of Political Repressions and the Holodomor was held in The monument is 6.

Prev Close Next Aquarium In the walls of the hall there are 20 aquariums with the volume of 20 cubic meters. In the central part of the hall there is a skeleton aquarium of the "tunnel type" with the capacity of thousand liters. And to imagine how much this is or a little , visit the aquarium! Prev Close Next Temple in Pridneprovsk Not far from the city is a temple, the territory of the temple is very beautiful and well-groomed, this place fascinates with its beauty and richness.

Around the temple there is a coniferous forest. The tour takes hours. Drive from the center of the Dnipro. The developed infrastructure of the hotel complex and high quality of the offered service will allow you to get maximum pleasant impressions, permanently transforming SunRay into a favorite place for recreation. Prev Close Next Picnic "Novoselitsa" The new settlement is a corner of the so-called "well-groomed nature".

Great for those who just want to relax on the beach, fish, and then, for example, cook it on fire. Who wants to manage the format of their holiday: The newcomer is good because the level of civilization can be raised smoothly: Or just go to lunch in a restaurant in the park. The main thing in this park is that the entrance fee guarantees cleanliness and order on all 30 hectares, therefore, unlike the "free" nature, you do not have to clear This is an unusual approach to business, as such, in the field of plant sales, inventory, gardening, tips for caring for plants, landscape design and even a pleasant stay in the center itself.

In the Dnipro region, this is also the largest garden center, because it occupies an area of about 2 hectares. But most striking is the amusement park. A very wonderful holiday will be for the whole family in the center. The creators could unite the center itself, the amusement park, decorate all this with unusual installations, sculptures that harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape and delight the eye.

For fans not just rent a summerhouse and have a picnic here, but also actively diversify the rest - trampoline, kayak hire, archery, table tennis. Prev Close Next Departure to the forest, recreation center "Hudson" Business and Relax Hotel "Hudzon" GoodZone is a country holiday complex near Dnipro Located 35 km from the city center in an ecologically clean recreational area in a picturesque pine forest with a lake of natural origin and its own well-equipped beach on the river bank.

The hotel complex consists of four Separate buildings of hotels, cottages located in the forest zone and river cottages on the bank of the river. The SPA-complex combines the most modern bath culture of the world: Turkish hammam, Russian bath, Finnish A sauna, a Japanese bathhouse outdoor , an outdoor heated pool, an outdoor fitness club with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, tennis courts, a mini football field, a beach volleyball court, an equipped beach with bar service, water catamarans and a tourist boat rental canoe.

Different rooms by category and according to their equipment meet all European standards. There are 2 new detached villas. Restaurant "GoodZone" is a detached building with adjoining terraces overlooking the lake and pool. All three halls on two floors have wide panoramic windows. Total capacity of the halls of the restaurant is seats. Prev Close Next Recreation center "Osokory" The health complex "Osokory" combines unique features of location, climate, infrastructure and service, making it one of the best places for a comfortable country vacation all year round.

Located in a protected tract near Novomoskovsk, the Osokory complex has become a real gem of Samarchuk and a favorite place for recreation of residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region and guests not only from Ukraine but also from the CIS countries. The level of comfort and service of the complex "Osokory" is not inferior to the best resorts of near and far abroad - coniferous air combined with a clean river, buildings with standard rooms, junior suites and suites, as well as SPA-building with a pool and VIP-rooms for lovers of exclusive leisure will satisfy Requirements of the most discerning holidaymakers.

All buildings of the complex are provided with hot and cold water supply, modern systems of television and microclimate For fans of football and mini-golf, modern playgrounds are constructed that allow you to conduct bright battles, and then relax either in an outdoor swimming pool with crystal clear water or in a sauna with a spacious relaxation room, a swimming pool and a thermae.

To fill the forces of tourists, on the shore of the lake there is a cozy cafe with a modern landscape design and a kitchen for real gourmets. Prev Close Next Restaurant on the water "River Club" In the restaurant "Islands" you can always order fresh fish, which was only caught in the morning from the nearest ponds. In addition, there is a typical food for nature - shashlik and chebureks.

In order to stay here for the night, they offer standard rooms. From the entertainment offer to fish there are rental rods , you can rent a boat or catamaran. In addition, there is a school for archery, and on some days, "Island" holds mini-golf tournaments and master classes of pottery. Prev Close Next Fishing and rest in the village at the grandfather of Volodya.

You will live in a real rural house km away. For you will prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition with the degustation of home-made wine and other home-made strong drinks. You will have the opportunity to work on the ground, pick berries and harvest. Pouchavstvovat in irrigation, watering, planting various plants. Pouch for pets chickens, geese, pigs.

Also you can go to the forest, collect mushrooms, and plunge into excellent fishing. Prev Close Next Fishing in Kutsevolovka This complex is located far enough from the Dnipro, it is necessary to go to the Kirovograd region. But on all sorts of forums residents of central Ukraine often recommend this place for recreation. The complex is open all year round, live here in Ukrainian huts - there is a view of the Dnipro and the forest.

From entertainment - there are different types of massage and Russian bath. Понятно, что будущее нашей страны будет отличаться от прошлого, так как балансы постоянно меняются, и не смотря на то, что наша страна пытается противостоять новой системе, она станет одним из важных ее участников. Система, которая не может функционировать, при которой власть сосредоточена в руках нескольких гегемонов, в конце концов, будет разрушена такими странами как Турция. Пересмотр этой системы, которая служит интересам несправедливости, жестокости и могущества, и создание совершенно нового порядка является необходимым условием.

В противном случае, покой, и спокойствие в мире останутся мечтой. Надеюсь что, Турция, которая идет верными и уверенными шагами к своим целям, займет в новом порядке то место, которое она заслуживает. Я приветствую вас наилучшими пожеланиями, с уважением и надеждой на прекрасное будущее. All of us should inscribe that on our minds and live with it. Considering the past of our region, we can see this transformation better.

Laleli, customer profile of which changes continuously, has been able to keep up with the times both in physical and visual terms and as understanding. Therefore, Laleli can maintain its liveliness and development from the first day despite decades passing away. The unique way of orienting the future and growing is continuous renewal by individuals and institutions. While trade and its methods are very changing and dynamic, sales mechanisms of the past have left their places to the new technology and contemporary communication methods.

Thinking that the time is the highest cost, we are in a period in which customers extremely consider travel, accommodation and time costs. To get the better in this environment where competition is getting globalized day by day, it is doubtless that costs need to be minimized. Our purchasers and guests behave very sensitive and selective in this regard. This situation should direct us to invest more in technology, communication and innovative presentation methods and we should improve ourselves continuously about this matter.

Our enterprises should support their product and store groups with such infrastructure investments and improve their service focuses. Although this situation seems as disadvantage for us, it is certain that our companies which can establish this system will have the capability to make sales to all points of the world instead of only traditional markets.

Our customers who came to our country and region almost two or three times a week previously can access our new collections through a small device and they are informed of all developments instantly. In fact, what we call as change and transformation is that. The situation that any systematic structure gets the same result with another method has directly affected commercial perspective of Laleli, namely our perspective. We should not forget that this change will never end and these methods will leave their places to other methods operating faster and more effectively in the following years.

Therefore, success and gain arise only through integration of companies observing the present time and the future correctly with the change. Companies which renew themselves in all regards and maintain their investments will be able to sustain their development and growth uninterruptedly against global tides. This change proceeds in an inevitable form at global level as on the regional and commercial basis.

Due to balances changing every moment, it is clear that the new era will be different from the past even our growing country resists against this new system, of which it will be one of the important actors. While this structure impossible to sustain leaves the future of the world to hegemony of some powers, countries like Turkey will destroy this game that has turned into gangrene.

It is very essential to revise this system which serves to interests of the unjust, pitiless and the powerful and to establish a new order where polyvocality is at the forefront. Otherwise, it is just a dream to expect for peace and silence in the world. I hope that Turkey, walking towards its targets with correct, sound and firm steps and which is in unity and solidarity, will attain the place it deserves in this new order. I greet you with this wishes and I pay my respect with the hope of a good and nice future.

В производстве кожи Турция реагирует на важную потребность мира. Заявлено, что турецкий кожаный сектор осуществил экспорт на 1,1 миллиарда долларов к сентябрю этого года. После улучшения нашей торговли с Россией экспорт осуществлен примерно на миллионов долларов. В кожевенном секторе на протяжении многих лет можно отметить развитие в плане дизайнеров и инвестиций.

Проводятся конкурсы для оживления отрасли. Ассоциация экспортеров кожаной и кожевенной продукции, организовала в этом году, 7-й конкурс дизайна и производства кожи. При слове кожа сразу вспоминается Бехзат Ч. Все мы помним незаменимые солнцезащитные очки Зеррин Озер и ее кожаные костюмы. В этом выпуске мы написали о дизайнере Мурате Айтулум, которого мы знаем по работе с кожей.

Мурат Айтулум, с которым мы говорили о работе в Джихангире, рассказал о том, что работать с кожей как приятно, так и дорого. Мурат Айтулум, который близко знает российский рынок, рассказал об увеличении арабских клиентов. С Мурат Айтулум мы говорили о его и новых проектах. На нашей странице дизайнеров мы говорим с молодым и талантливым человеком. Теперь он занимается дизайном мужской одежды.

На выставке было представлено свыше марок, число участников составило примерно , а количество посетителей человек. А так же член совета директоров Ариф Озкан и генеральный секретарь Шерафеттин Йюзюак. Sitesi E Blok No: В этом году празднование дней культуры Боснии состоялось в субботу, 14 октября, в конференц-зале имени проф. В воскресенье, 15 октября, сын Алии Изетбегович, Глава Президиума Боснии и Герцеговины Бакир Изетбегович посетил празднование в качестве почетного гостя.

Со вступительным словом выступил Мухаммед Санджактар, глава Ассоциации Культуры Боснии и взаимопомощи. После него выступил Бакир Изетбегович. Изетбегович рассказал о борьбе своего отца за свою страну. В связи с годовщиной смерти первого президента Боснии и Герцеговины Алии Изетбегович, мероприятия также были представлены на конференции. В программе, которая будет длится до 29 октября, будут включены мероприятия представляющие боснийскую культуру: Среди обсуждаемых тем Гёхан Карабулут отметил: Вечером в рамках конкурса Хакан Аккая представил впечатляющее дефиле с использованием тканей, разработанными участниками, которые вошли в последнюю десятку.

Победителем конкурса стала Себиха Алганер.

Central streets of the city

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